Oat Bran “Health” (250 g)


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Bran is a by-product of flour milling, in which all useful trace elements, vitamins, fiber and the germ of the grain remain. Food oat bran “Health” is a carefully selected, refined and processed oat grain shell using special technology.


What are the benefits of oat bran?
Due to the high content of dietary fiber, as well as biologically active substances and vitamins, bran has become a very valuable product.
• Once in the body, bran regulates the intestines, improves the microflora of the colon.
• Oat bran helps to remove cholesterol and normalize blood sugar and detoxify the body as a whole.
• Unsaturated fats and acids in bran are indispensable helpers to maintain immunity.
• Oat bran promotes weight loss and is an indispensable component of the diet of Ducane and others.

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