Pasta “Health” with vegetative additives


Group 2: Pasta “Health” with vegetative additives

These pasta contain additives in form of fat free flours (meal) from pumpkin, flax, amaranth, and milk thistle seed, wheat germ, grape seed.

The main difference of pasta “Zdorovje” from regular pasta:

  • It promotes general body wellness. Due to vegetative fiber content this pasta is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and minor nutrient elements.

  • Youth, beauty, sex – all of these thanks to grain germ. Only it contains tocopherol (E vitamin) required for regeneration of hormones that stimulate sexual activity.

  • Take waste out of the system. Fiber itself is almost indigestible, but due to its absorbing powers it soaks all the waste in and take them out of the system.

  • Makes a body burn fat. Being indigestible, but causing a sense of fullness, fiber reduces amount of food usually consumed, making a body burn accumulated fat.

  • Promotes elimination of bowel dysbacteriosis. Fiber is a good nutrient for bacteria that produce antibiotic substances, and establishes unfavorable conditions for development of putrefactive bacteria that produce toxins. That is why it is recommended for bowel dysbacteriosis elimination.

  • Good for diabetics! Due to fiber content sugar discharge in the process of digestion slows down, so diabetics can consume them with no risk to their health!

What is vegetative fiber? It is a complex of cellulose polysaccharides, hemicelluloses, pectin substances, and lignin, that form cell walls of plants, i.e. all the most healthy things contained in a grain.

All the materials used for production of pasta are exclusively of vegetative origin, with no colorants and preservatives!

It is fiber (barn) that adds that unusual brown color to pasta “Zdorovje”.

Pasta “Zdorovje” is good for every one of us, but especially, for:

  • healthy living enthusiasts (Е vitamin is the vitamin of youth and beauty);
  • those suffering from compromised immunity (grain germ, В,Е,РР vitamins);
  • children, teenagers, pregnant and elderly (calcium, phosphorus, iron);
  • those inclined to corpulence, but fighting it;
  • those suffering from diabetes, gallstone diseases, non-calculous cholecystitis;
  • those suffering from dysbacteriosis (fiber);
  • those suffering from ischaemic heart disease and high blood cholesterol (fiber);
  • for improved sexual function (grain germ);