Pasta “Health” for diabetics

The conclusion of the National University of Food Technologies (Kyiv):

“… Whole grain pasta “Zdorovje” produced by individual-entrepreneur Vartanian A.A. under the “Mak-Var Product” trade mark have much higher biological value, increased minerals and B1, B2, PP, and E vitamins content, as compared to traditional pasta. For this reason they are considered health-improving foods. Their regular consumption promotes improved gut motility, reduced blood cholesterol and sugar, and detoxification.” (Translation from Ukrainian)

In the first place, pasta “Zdorovje” with vegetative fiber was created as a healthy food. But fiber’s capability to slow down sugar release in blood made it a product for those who suffer from diabetes. At first, we did not even advertise this characteristic of fiber in order not to confuse diabetics. After some time, those suffering from this decease began to call us and thank for producing such an amazing product for them!

From now on we will always look for an opportunity to create products that may be incorporated in diet of those who suffer from diabetes.

In 2009 we developed a recipe and began production of rye pasta “Zdorovje” No.6 with sunchoke pilot batch. This pasta is even more enriched with vitamins and minor nutrient elements; it contains inulin, fructose, pectin fiver, iron, silicon, valuable amino acids, macro nutrients elements, and vitamins. One serving of pasta (100 g) approximately contains one daily dose of sunchoke. But the main thing is, when fiber slows down sugar release in blood, sunchoke decreases blood sugar levels! This effect of pasta “Zdorovje” No.6 should make it even more appealing for those suffering from diabetes.

In 2014 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine recommended this pasta to be incorporated in diet of people who watch their blood sugar levels!