Coarse Wheat Flour

Our innovative technology allowed producing coarse whole-grain flour on modern equipment by operating on the traditional principle of whole grains grinding, without all its above mentioned downsides!

How benefitial for health

  • General health improvement. This flour contains several times more minerals, vitamins, major and minor nutrient elements.
  • Body purification. Fiber, which content in this flour is 12 times higher, is capable of detoxification and radionuclides removal.
  • Contribution to bowel dysbacteriosis elimination. Fiber is used by lactic-acid bacteria that inhibit development of putrefactive bacteria.
  • Contribution to blood sugar and cholesterol levels reduction. Thanks to fiber, sugar discharge during digestion slows down. It allows diabetics eat this pasta with no health risk!
  • Vitamin Е is a vitamin of youth, beauty, and sex. Wheat germ and vitamin E are required for regeneration of hormones that stimulate sexual activity. Its deficiency causes weakening of immune system.
  • Wheat germ is recommended to people under physical and mental workloads, malnourished, pregnant, and nursing. It is also good for those suffering from chronic ischemic heart disease, high blood cholesterol.