Malt – Sprouted Grain

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Everybody knows about exceptional benefits of germinated grain. But not everybody is aware of the fact that any sprouted grain is called MALT.

  • It regulates and restores vital processes at any age, boosts immunity, promotes immunity against cold-related diseases;
  • It enhances working efficiency and improves sexual function;
  • It rejuvenates a body due to antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, and ferments) content;
  • It restores acuity of vision, motion coordination, hair color and thickness, strengthen teeth;
  • Sprouted grain is a preventive remedy against cancer;
  • High magnesium content in sprouted grain promotes blood pressure lowering, cholesterol removal, prevents heart attacks;
  • It improves sleep, reduces stress after-effects;
  • It contains much more vitamins and minor nutrient elements, than other food, and also optimal combination of proteins and carbohydrates;