Pasta “Zdorovje”


We at “Mak-Var EcoProduct” company developed and established our own recipes of the whole range of pasta “Zdorovje” (“Health” in Russian) from coarse whole grain flour and vegetative fiber. Because of this combination of ingredients this pasta acquired truly unique properties!

Pasta “Zdorovje” (“Health”) are categorized in two groups:

Group 1: pasta “Zdorovje” with vegetative fiber

These products contain vegetative fiber as part of barn; they are made from coarse rye and wheat flour.

Group 2: pasta “Zdorovje” with vegetative additives

These pasta contain additives in form of fat free flours (meal) from pumpkin, flax, amaranth, and milk thistle seed, wheat germ, grape seed.

GROUP 3: Health pasta with herbs and spices.

Here, powders from dried herbs or plant roots are used as additives.

In 2018, Oatmeal “Health” was added separately.

The products have no analogues in Ukraine and are protected by three patents.

In 2013, all products underwent research at the Research Institute named after L.I. Bear According to the test results and on the basis of the Institute’s opinion, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine assigned the Health pasta to the products of the diet group!

Thus, since January 2014, the first dietary pasta appeared in Ukraine!

These are the only pasta in Ukraine with a healing effect!

made-in-ukraineAlong with useful properties, our products have been highly appreciated for their taste!
Medal-Zoloto Medal-Zoloto-2013-2

At the international tasting competitions WORLD FOOD Ukraine in 2011, 2013 and 2015, our products received 7 Gold medals!

Since 2014, products have found their fans in Western Europe and Asia (Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Kazakhstan)!


“Health” with fiber (bran) “Health” with herbal supplements
 “Health” made from rye flour 

“Health” with herbs and spices 


 Oatmeal pasta “Health” “Health” for diabetics 

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