In such a great day when Christians celebrate Blagoveshenie (the 7th of April 2016), our Italian partners announced a great news! They provided photos of our macaroni packed by Italian company Markozzi. Our product is ready for distribution in Italy under the trade mark ViVien Pro Salus.


For information: Markozzi is an important Italian macaroni manufacturer, that is also world known for its trade marks Markozzi di Campofilone, Antica Pasta , Fermanelle, Cucina Tesei, ViVien Pro Salus.

Markozzi signed a contract with Mak-Var Ecoproduct for the distribution of macaroni Zdorovie under the trade mark ViVien Pro Salus  in Italy.


There is no doubt that Italians are experts in macaroni. Even more, those who produce macaroni themselves are aware of good quality of this product for sure! If such professionals see the future of our macaroni, there is definitely something about it.

We do not have information that someone else among Ukrainian macaroni manufacturers export their products to Italy. It is quite likely that macaroni Zdorovie by Mak-Var Ecoproduct is the first Ukrainian macaroni that is being exported to Italy!


Автор:ТМ "Мак-Вар"

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