Each owner of the Own Brand (trademark) first of all seeks to ensure that its Brand is recognizable and, of course, popular.

Our company also makes a lot of efforts so that TM “Mak-Var Ecoproduct” is both popular and unique at the same time!

It all started like this:

The official registration of TM “Mak-Var Ecoproduct” took place in April 2011. But a few years before that, we worked under this logo without registering it.

This is our logo for goods intended for sale on the territory of Ukraine.

And this logo is intended for export goods.

We greatly value the reputation of McVar Ecoproduct as a manufacturer of healthy food products!

Our logo is only on products that are made exclusively from natural ingredients, without artificial additives. This product has a healthy effect and benefits the body!

We want our logo to always be associated with a natural, useful product without any doubt about it!


At the beginning, our efforts were noted in the Regional Competition “Business Elite Podillia” namely the Diploma “OUR MARK”.

After our products have been noted in a number of international events:


  • Gold medals at tasting competitions at the international exhibitions WORLD FOOD,

  • Winners of the international competition GREEN AWARDS in the nomination “The” Greenest “Product”

The Swiss company WMC International Watch Group Switzerland made for us a chic gift that we did not expect at all!

Personal watches with the Mac-Var Ecoproduct logo from the Swiss company WMC International Watch Group Switzerland.

And we also have such a brand! – only mail.

After in the XXI century almost all polls passed to electronic correspondence, the usual postage stamp goes into the category of rare!

There are only a few dozen such brands all over the world! Philatelists know what that means. Imagine creating such a unique postage stamp at the beginning of its development “Coca-Cola”! What would be the price of such a brand today?

We try to keep our uniqueness in everything!

But in fact, the uniqueness and recognition of the Own Trademark is not at all in this!


It is our products that make the value and uniqueness of our own brand!

Due to the uniqueness of pasta “Health”, three patents were received. They have no analogues!

These are the only macaroni in Ukraine that received the status of dietetic from the Ministry of Health, because they have healing properties!

That is why our pasta interested Italian producers. But the Italian buyer is very proud of its history and its achievements, they support YOUR manufacturer as much as possible!


Therefore, our pasta in Italy is sold by the company Marcozzi under their own TM ViVen Pro Salus

Today, residents of Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria have already met the macaroni “Health”. By the way, have you tried them already?


While humanity has not invented the Time Machine, try to guess how much this brand will cost in 100 years?

In the meantime, we invite you to try our products and join those who strive to be active and healthy!

Check out our product catalog.


Автор:ТМ "Мак-Вар"

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