Wheat Pasta “Zdorovje” No.14 with Milk Thistle Seed

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Ingredients: wheat flour, milk thistle seed meal.
Milk thistle seed (meal) contains very rare biologically active substance called silymarin. It is a mixture of glycosides which, first of all, help a liver perform detoxification including due to increase of antioxidant defense. Silymarin protects and strengthen cell membranes, promotes cytopoiesis by stimulating protein synthesis. As a result, bile production increases, and if liver performs normally, whole immune system is well-maintained. The same applies to anticancer protection, when it comes to hormone-driven tumors. After experimental and clinical research, effective action of silymarin in case of chronic cholecystopathy, posthepatitis syndrome, liver damage caused by heavy metals poisoning, exposure to radiation, and cirrhosis-like liver damage was scientifically proven. Research suggests that silymarin does not have embryotoxic action and is safe for foetus.

A very important characteristic of milk thistle is that it doesn’t have any contraindications and side effects.

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