Schrot, flax seed

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Detailed description: Meal of flax seeds a light chocolate color, with a pleasant nutty flavor, it contains large amounts of soluble fiber (that in folk medicine called phlegm) that protects the stomach and intestines. Schrot, flax seed is used in dietary chronic administration of chemotherapeutic drugs, obesity, high cholesterol, diseases of the digestive organs. It contains soluble fiber (84%), water soluble vitamins, organic salts of zinc, potassium, iron, bromine, manganese, calcium, selenium are essential to the human body.
Ingredients: flax seed meal.
Active ingredients: protein, mononenasyshennye fatty acids, fiber, and minerals.
Recommended: can be used in diets diet prescribed by a doctor, as an additional source of protein, mononenasyshennyh fatty acids, fiber, minerals to ensure optimal nutritional conditions of the digestive system functioning of the cardiovascular system as dietetics element in obesity, as well as exposure to environmental and occupational factors.
Instructions for use: Adults: 1-2 teaspoons per day. Add to dishes that do not require heat treatment. Wash down with plenty of water. Usage time: up to 2-3 weeks later – on doctor’s advice. Contraindications for use: not recommended if you are hypersensitive to the product components. With precautions to use in diseases of the kidneys and tendency to diarrhea.

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