Sunchoke Flour “DAR”

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What are its benefits for health?

What is a sunchoke? 
Wikipedia says that: “…a plant called sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple or topinambour, is a species of sunflower native to eastern North America, and found from eastern Canada and Maine west to North Dakota, and south to northern Florida and Texas. It is also cultivated widely across the temperate zone for its tuber, which is used as a root vegetable.”
Sunchoke flour “DAR” is produced by “Malva” enterprise, and distributed under the “Mak-Var Ecoproduct” trade mark.
This flour is produced from sunchoke of a very specific kind selected after long-term research from a collection of more than 50.
High quality of raw materials (tubers) is provided by technology of growth without any chemicals, and by the place of growth which is steppe zone of Ukraine, where a combination of natural factors favors accumulation of valuable biologically active substances in tubers.

Inulin content in tubers of this kind of sunchoke is 3-3.5 times higher than the average documented in materials from international conferences. Such high inulin content was recorded only on one place of the Earth – Argentina!
Curative action of sunchoke flour is caused by high content of polysaccharides of inulin nature, pectin substances, B vitamins, vitamin C, valuable minor nutrient elements (silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, cuprum, manganese, nickel, phosphorus, etc.) in biogenic condition, which is the best one for its uptake. It also contains essential amino acids.

Fine powder from tubers has all the characteristics of raw material, but, being a concentrate, it has higher bioactivity. It takes up to 15 kg of sunchoke tubers to produce 1 kg of flour.
Chemical composition of sunchoke flour:
• polysaccharides of inulin nature – 72-77%;
• proteins – 7-7.2%;
• fiber – 10%;
• pectin substances.

This flour is an herbal medicinal product, and has immunostimulatory, antihyperglycemic, radioprotective, antimutagenic, and detoxificative properties. Medicobiologic and clinical testing suggests the following pharmacological action:
• because of high inulin and other polysaccharides content this flour has hypoglycemic action in case of type 1 diabetes as well as in case of type 2 diabetes. Those suffering from type 2 diabetes manage to successfully overcome the disease by lowering a dose of antihyperglycemic drugs in 2-3 times or going off them completely. Diabetics with type 1 diabetes under combined therapy achieve sustained remission and significant insulin dose decline.
• mobilizes all the internal reserves of a body in general and immune system in particular that takes part in body balance control.
• apart from nonspecific immune system stimulation it boosts specific immune system and  secures immune memory, intensifying thymus, Т-, and В- lymphocytes capacity, thus promoting resistance increase and normalization of physiological functions of parts and tissues in case of pathologies.
• reduces symptoms of vegetative dysfunctions, eliminates asthenic reaction in patients with Vegetovascular dystonia, promotes normalization of small and medium blood vessels, normalization of cardiovascular system functioning characteristics.
• positive effect of this product was registered in patients with hepatobiliary system disorder. Hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory action of this products is largely based on immune system functioning normalization and, first of all, liver macrophages, as well as of natural T-killers.
• experience of treatment of patients exposed to mutagenic agent of radioactive and chemical nature showed statistically-valid reduction of mean group as well as individual   frequency of metaphases with chromosomes aberration after long-term, consistent taking of this products. Also, a verifiable reduction of chromosome abberations – markers of radiological effect was observed. These acquired data allow making conclusion on antimutagenic and radioprotective effect of sunchoke tubers flour and recommending it as a part of a diet to people who live in environmentally unfriendly regions or working for companies under increased load by mutagens of radioactive and chemical nature.


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