Pasta “Zdorovje” No.11 with Wheat Germ

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From all parts of a wheat grain only a germ contains vitamin E that is called the vitamin of youth, beauty, and sex, because it stimulates sexual activity and is required for production of hormones necessary for it.
Along with folic acid, selenium, B-Carotene, this vitamin helps keep skin look young, beautiful, and postpone its aging. B vitamins contained in wheat germ brace nerves, keep body in tone, aid wounds healing, participate in energy generation, and help to avoid anemia and high blood cholesterol. But the most important thing about them is their potent antioxidative property, i.e. a capability to control free radicals. Generally speaking, the combination of amino acids, vitamins, minor- and major nutrient elements makes a wheat germ an essential product for a human body.

Wheat germ contains 30-40% of proteins, which is 2-2.5 times more than in a whole grain. However, by chemical nature, composition and eating qualities of wheat germ proteins stand on level with physiologically active proteins of animal origin. They consist mostly of well-digestible water-soluble particles of critical amino acids, which are absolutely necessary for food digestion by a human body.

Wheat germ is recommended to people under physical and mental workloads, malnourished, pregnant, nursing, and suffering from high blood cholesterol.

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