Pasta “Zdorovje” No.10 with Amaranth Seed

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“Amaranth” stands for “denying death” or “granting immortality”. The main agent that brought fame to amaranth is squalen. Squalen captures oxygen and oxygenates a body.
For the first time squalen was found in a deep-water shark’s liver, hence the name (squalus in Latin means shark).
Deep-water sharks need squalen to survive under high hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) when swimming deeply.

After atomic explosions it was found that in high-radiation area all the living creatures died except for sharks! It caught the interest of scientists. They discovered that it was squalen that helped sharks to deal with higher radiation dose!

Until recently squalen was obtained only from deep-sharks’ liver, and it contains only 1-1.5% of squalen. This fact fueled searching of alternative sources of squalen. And it emerged that amaranth oil contains 8-10% of squalen! It is several times more than in a deep-water shark’s liver!

Entering the system, squalen rejuvenate cells, and restrain growth and spread of malignant tumors. Apart from that, squalen can reinforce the immune system by several times, thereby providing its disease-resistance. 
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations declared amaranth the crop of XXI century for its nutritional and curative properties.

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