Bran food “Healthy” WHEAT

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• Contribute to the overall improvement of the body. Due to high content of vitamins and minerals increases vitality and immunity of the human body.
• Youth, beauty, sex – all thanks to the fetus grain. It contains only tocopherol (vitamin E), which is required for reproduction of hormones that stimulate sexual activity.
• removes toxins from the body.
The very fiber hardly absorbed by the body, and, having absorbent properties, absorbs all the toxins and removes them from the body.
• causes the body to burn fat.
Do not assimilating the body and, thus, causing the feeling of satiety, reduce the amount of bran adopted human food, forcing the body to burn the fat that has accumulated in it.
• Promote the elimination of intestinal dysbiosis.
Cellulose is a good nutrient for bacteria, which produce antibiotic substances and creates unfavorable conditions for the development of putrefactive bacteria that produce toxins. Therefore, it is recommended to eliminate intestinal dysbiosis.
• Information for diabetics:
In the process of digestion fiber slows the release of sugar into the body. Due to this property bran is recommended to use in conjunction with other, more carbohydrate food!

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