Coarse Wheat Flour

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What is coarse whole grain wheat flour?

Formerly flour was much darker. But humanity’s need for beauty leaded to graded flour milling. Flour of the highest grade differs from the first grade only in “brightness” and “ash content”.

How is it done?
At first grain coats, aleurone layers, and germ (which leave flour without vitamins, minerals, and fiber) are removed. All of that is considered ballast layer and go to bran.

Then flour with minerals particles becomes second grade flour; brighter flour becomes first grade one, and, finally, the brightest flour becomes the highest grade flour. But what is left in it? Only protein (that is why it is white) and starch are left.

Our predecessors have been producing flour with simple millstone mill, where whole grains were grinded, without grades division, i.e., what is in, that is out.
But this method has its downsides:
First of all, all the garbage, contained in grains, has been grinded together with it.
Secondly, “sand”, unavoidably generated by friction of millstones, has been getting in flour.

Our innovative technology allowed producing coarse whole-grain flour on modern equipment by operating on the traditional principle of whole grains grinding, without all its above mentioned downsides!
Nutritional value
100 g of flour contains:

Fats – 2.2 g
Proteins – 11.5 g
Carbohydrates – 55.8 g

100 g of flour contains 298 kcal

Shelf life – 8 months.

Coarse whole-grain flour remains full of all the vitamins and minerals. It contains fiber and germ.

National University of Food Technologies (NUFT) (Kyiv) having studied our products, delivered an opinion that, in particular, says:
“… Chemically this flour (wheat whole meal flour) is close to grain, it contains a lot of food fiber… Food fiber is not ingested by a human body, eases food cravings and reduces amount of consumed food. Due to high imbibitional properties it is able to take harmful substances and radionuclides out of a system, improve vermicular motion. Fiber promotes bowel dysbacteriosis elimination… it slows down ingestion of sugar… “

(Translation from Ukrainian). 


Nowadays human diet consists mostly of refinements, i.e. food that during their production process lost a lot of its valuable components. It leaded to rapid growth of so called “diseases of civilization”: atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and gastrointestinal diseases.
It was scientifically proven, that one of the ways to resolve this issue is production of whole-grain food (whole meal flour) or food with vegetable fiber (bran).

Ingredients Wheat flour
Whole meal The highest grade Comparison
Fiber, % 1.9 0.15 12.7 times more
Minerals, mg/100 g:
calcium 39 18  2.2 times more
magnesium 94 16  5.9 times more
phosphorus 336 86 3.9 times more
iron 4.1 1.2 3.4 times more
Vitamins, mg/100 g:
В1 0.41 0.17 2.4 times more
В2 0.19 0.08 2.4 times more
РР 4.5 1.2 3.8 times more
Е 5.7 Only in whole meal flour

• General health improvement. This flour contains several times more minerals, vitamins, major and minor nutrient elements.
 Body purification. Fiber, which content in this flour is 12 times higher, is capable of detoxification and radionuclides removal.
• Contribution to bowel dysbacteriosis eliminationFiber is used by lactic-acid bacteria that inhibit development of putrefactive bacteria.
 Contribution to blood sugar and cholesterol levels reduction. Thanks to fiber, sugar discharge during digestion slows down. It allows diabetics eat this pasta with no health risk!
• Vitamin Е is a vitamin of youth, beauty, and sex. Wheat germ and vitamin E are required for regeneration of hormones that stimulate sexual activity. Its deficiency causes weakening of immune system.

• Wheat germ is recommended to people under physical and mental workloads, malnourished, pregnant, and nursing. It is also good for those suffering from chronic ischemic heart disease, high blood cholesterol.

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