Coarse Rye Flour

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On benefits for health from coarse rye flour

Rye is a full sister of wheat, but much healthier!

One of the most famous medical scientists, A.I. Kuptsov, once said: “Dryery diet of poor Russian people, who used to eat mostly rye bread, has never resulted in vitamin insufficiency, which shows that rye bread is one of the most suitable products for a human body”.
Turns out, rye has healing properties. It can take waste, salts, and toxins out of the system, and in this way prevent a lot of diseases.
Rye flour contains 5 times more of fructose, which is required for normal daily living activities, than wheat flour. Baked goods from rye flour contain a lot of fiber and hemicellulose that play important part in nutrition by increasing bowel motility.

100 g of peeled rye flour contain:
– Proteins – 8.9 g
– Fats – 1.2 g
– Carbohydrates – 73.0 g
– Energy value – 325 Kcal

Coarse rye flour

 Vitamin B1, mg 0.30
 Vitamin B2, mg 0.10
 Vitamin B6, mg 0.30
 Vitamin B9, µg 55.00
 Vitamin E, mg 4.20
 Iron, mg 3.50
 Potassium, mg 149.00
 Calcium, mg 34.00
 Magnesium, mg 60.00
 Manganese, µg 2590.00
 Cuprum, µg 350.00
 Mono- and disaccharides, g 5.09
 Sodium, mg 17.00
 Food fiber, g 1.20
 Phosphorus, mg 189.00
 Flourin, µg 50.00
 Zink, µg 1950.00

Rye read consumption helps reduce blood cholesterol level, improves metabolism, heart function, detoxication, helps prevent several hundreds of diseases including oncology.
During the 70’s Luxemburg had one of the highest intestine cancer rates in the world. After increase in rye bread and barn consumption among people it has one of the lowest rates. Besides, rye bread has lower nutritional value, so you don’t have to worry about your shape. In Germany and Poland rye bread is considered dietary product. It is good for people suffering from anemia and diabetes.
Beware! Because of over acidity (7-12°) that protects it from mold and spoiling, rye bread is not recommended to people suffering from intestine over acidity, peptic ulsers.
100% rye bread is too heavy for daily consumption indeed. The best ingredients combination is 80-85% of rye and 15-25% of wheat.

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