Durum Wheat Pasta “Zdorovje” No.1

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Durum Wheat Pasta “Zdorovje” No.1

Pasta “Zdorovje” No.1 is made from whole grain durum wheat semolina!

Reference: All Italian pasta is made exclusively from durum wheat. Protein structure of durum wheat differs from that of regular wheat grown in Ukraine.

This pasta is one of the building blocks of the Mediterranean diet.

Because flour for this pasta is produced from whole grains, it still contains all the vitamins, microelements, fiber, and wheat germ. As a result, this pasta acquired truly unique properties! For more information visit the link pasta “Zdorovje”.

Nutritional Facts

Amount per 100 g of pasta “Zdorovje” No.1:

Proteins – 11.1 g
Fats – 1.57 g
Carbohydrates – 64.6 g
Calories – 317 kcal


Because this flour is produced from whole grains, it contains wheat germ. Vitamin E (tocopherol) is contained only in wheat germ.

Vitamin Е is required for regeneration of hormones that stimulate sexual activity. Its deficiency causes weakening of immune system.

Wheat germ is recommended to people under physical and mental workloads, malnourished, pregnant, and nursing. It is also good for those suffering from chronic ischemic heart disease, high blood cholesterol or triglycerides.

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