Pasta “Zdorovje” No.9 with flax seeds

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Having learned characteristics of flax seed, scientists from almost all over the world arrived at the conclusion that it definitely can be considered nutraceutical, which is a food that has a curative and revitalizing effect on a human body.
First of all, it was found out that omega-3 fatty acids of vegetable origin prevent cancer.
Secondlylingans (flax seeds contain 75-800 times more lingans than any other foods) help prevent hormonal shifts cancer. They block ferments that contribute to hormonal metabolism and prevent cancer expansion.
Omega-3 fatty acids helps curing heart diseases due to their power to:
• Treat inflammatory processes;
• Reduce blood cholesterol;
• Normalize heartbeat;
• Repair tissual blood flow;
• Prevent atherosclerosis.

Flax seeds protect gastric mucosa, normalize bowel habits, improve metabolism, restore cardiovascular system function, normalize arterial tension, help deal with stress, and enhance performance on the workplace.

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