Pasta “Zdorovje” No.8 with Pumpkin Seed

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Pumpkin seed contains vitamin B complex, vitamins А, С, D and К. Though, the highest is the content of vitamin E. This vitamin helps fight premature senility, and is an effective antioxidant.
The second property of pumpkin seed is high zinc salts content (only oysters contain more). Zinc is necessary for development of a man’s body. Men need it in bigger amount than women do, from birth till old age. Zinc is especially important for men that are engaged in mainly brain work and do not exercise enough.

Pumpkin seed is well-tried remedy for prostatitis. It helps reduce risk of prostate cancer.
Pumpkin seed is an effective remedy for genitourinary diseases, especially in case of pains in urination.
Pumpkin seed contains linolenoic acid that strengthens artery walls.

It is also well known that seed is the worst enemy of belly worms, because it contains amino acid called cucurbitin that is absolutely harmless for humans but for warms is a poison.  Pumpkin seed also has calming effect and is used as an antidepressant.

And don’t forget that pumpkin seed is one of the most effective remedies for acne.

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