Coarse Rye Flour Pasta “Zdorovje” No.6 with Sunchoke Flour

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Pasta “Zdorovje” No.6 is made from coarse medium rye flour with rye bran, and sunchoke flour.
Because flour for this pasta is produced from whole grains, it still contains all the vitamins, microelements, fiber, and wheat germ. As a result, this pasta acquired truly unique properties! For more information visit the link pasta “Zdorovje”.
Pasta with sunchoke flour contains even more vitamins and microelements from a sunchoke. Sunchoke’s ability to lower blood sugar level makes this pasta even more appealing to those suffering from diabetes.
What is sunchoke flour?
Sunchoke flour has immune stimulating, hypoglycemic, radioprotective, antimutagenic, and detoxicative properties.

Inulin, contained in a sunchoke, is a good remedy for intestinal dysbacteriosis of different origin, as it promotes growth of “good” microorganisms (bifidus and lactobacterium) in digestive tract.
• Inulin functions as an uncommonly active sorbent, capable of binding and getting out of system a lot of toxic and ballast substances.
• Inulin significantly increases digestive tract’s motor activity (motility and vermicular motion).
• Inulin and short fructose chains (fragments of inulin) have significant choleretic action that increases due to alleviation of bile outflow from liver and gall bladder to duodenum, caused by improvement of defecation.
Fructose is a fundamental component of a sunchoke. Fructose is a dietary sugar that can take part in the same metabolic processes than glucose, substituting for it in cases of relative or absolute shortage of insulin.
Microelements: sunchoke contains high amount of iron (up to 12 mg), silicon (up to 8 mg), zinc (up to 500 mg), magnesium (up to 30 mg), potassium (up to 200 mg), manganese (up to 45 mg), phosphorus (up to 500 mg), and calcium (up to 40 mg).
Among vitamins contained in sunchoke are vitamin С (ascorbic acid), and vitamin В7 (biotin).
Pectin substances are polysaccharides. The percentage of them in a sunchoke is 11%! Pectin was discovered more than 200 years ago and derived from a sunchoke root. It has adsorbent properties. Pectines adsorb on their surface and take toxical substances, cholesterol, triglycerides that are the main causes of atherosclerosis and cholelithiasis, out of the system.

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